Three months ago I’d never set foot in a gym properly. Fast forward three months and i go 5 times a week and my goals are in sight which I never thought possible. I 100% believe this is down to UE coaching. From the very first session Tracy’s drive,motivation and professionalism was noticed...


I knew following the short induction that Tracy was the PT I needed. Within 6 weeks I have a visible weight loss, I've gained definition and I am actually eating healthy and reaching my calorific daily intake each day. Tracy is truly passionate about health and fitness, the program's she puts together are tailored to you so you can achieve your goals


I started training with Tracy in October 2018, after a difficult year with work & just life, I needed a good kick up the bum to get back to feeling fitter, better, more alive. I've enjoyed running not only for fitness but as a way of stress relief too. Having set some goals the half marathon was naturally a goal I set to achieve again...


Since being under Tracy's instruction I'm left wondering what I've been doing all these years!

Her coaching, motivation and knowledge is exceptional. Tracy developed a plan to improve the strength all over my body which would alleviate the back pain. We started working on weight machines to gradually build my strength, the most important thing Tracy taught me was technique and where to activate the movement from. Something I had been doing wrong for a long time.


Anyone who is looking to make a long term lifestyle change and not just a quick fix weight loss should look no further than Tracy at UE Coaching.  From an in depth first consultation to regular reviews and support available when you need it Tracy certainly makes you feel like she's behind you 100% and with you every step of the way to reaching you goals

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