Group Training

My coaching style is unique as a  Personal Trainer in that I focus on training clients in groups of 2 or 3. The benefit of group training is a game changer. I will match you with a training partner if you don’t already have one, and coach you as a group. We will get you the results you want if you are ready and willing. It will change your life as you redevelop your relationship with training and nutrition. It’s an exciting way of working with individuals and great results are achieved.. One to one coaching is an option  for those that are looking for an alternative.


What can you expect with Semi-Private Training with Tracy Dean Coaching?

  • You supported, motivated and inspired through your coach to reach your goals

  • You will learn every part of your training program, you'll learn the correct technique for each exercise 

  • You will receive a personalised nutrition plan, designed to fit in with your lifestyle and the goals you have set

  • You will be part of a close knit, friendly and motivational fitness environment either online or face to face. 

  • You will receive bespoke lifestyle and health advice, all designed to complement your goals

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