I started the gym determined to feel confident in my own skin again; aiming to lose weight, slim down and improve my strength and fitness. I know I'll never have my old body back so I aim to build a new one.
I met Tracy during a induction session for body tone which I attended as I felt abit deflated following weeks of going to the gym and seeing no progress. I knew following the short induction that Tracy was the PT I needed. Within 6 weeks I have a visible weight loss, I've gained definition and I am actually eating healthy and reaching my calorific daily intake each day. 
Tracy is truly passionate about health and fitness, the program's she puts together are tailored to you so you can achieve your goals. She is a true inspiration in the goals she has achieved herself and totally committed giving so much encouragement and support to push to the next level, her dedication was clear from the onset. She is happy to share all her expert knowledge from health & fitness training through to nutritional tips and tweeks which just shows what a true professional she is. I can't recommend her enough.

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