Running Programmes 


When considering a Running program, aspects of your current lifestyle, commitment and capacity as a runner need to be taken on board. You may have a specific target in mind or you may simply want to develop your running ability. If switching from another discipline or distance is your focus then whatever your goals your program will be tailored to cater for you individually. 

For those wanting to venture into the Ultra running world, it' will be an experience not only of developing your running skills, but it provides a platform to learn new things about yourself, your mindset and your fortitude as an athlete. 


This is a one off service where either an 8, 12 or 16  week program will be written for you. There are no follow up or weekly accountability checks with this package. 


The service includes an initiation 1 hour video consultation to determine your past and current run training and fitness levels. Your program will be structure to account for your level of commitment and your goal. Within one week of the consultation you will be provided with your run training plan. 


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