Online Coaching: Runners 

If you are new to online coaching you will no doubt have questions as to how this will work for you.


Online Coaching works in a similar manner as personal coaching, the obvious difference is that you don't have the face to face sessions.


The fundamental benefit of having any coach what every your goals, is that you make yourself accountable. Those who are accountable tend to do better in terms of longevity in reaching their goals when they feel supported.

You will have a consultation where your past and current running experiences are discussed and your future training goals are put into a time frame and plans to hep you reach your goals are put into place. 


Your online coaching will require a commitment for 12 weeks minimum. For the benefits of your training regime to take effect this will be a minimum period in which to allow your body to adjust, get stronger and adapt in order to develop your running.


Initial one hour video call or telephone consultation to determine and assess your running background, recent training, your goals and your commitments over the coming 12 weeks. Within one week of this consultation you will be set up onto the training platform and 4 weeks of your detailed Running plan will be with you . Your training will include a detailed Strength and Conditioning program that will be undertaken to support your running goals. 

After 4 weeks and 8 weeks you will receive your progressive programs respectively. 


You will have a 30 min consultation with your coach each week through a video link up. 


​You will be provided with a Check In questionnaire on a weekly basis and your metrics will be uploaded on to the training platform.


There is a weekly evening clinic where your coach will be available midweek in order to answer and deal with any questions about any aspect of your training. 


You will be included in to a privately coached clients Facebook group and have access to a community of other online coached clients via social media.


One off training sessions with your Coach can add value to and supplement your, run training You may benefit from support during a reconnaissance day and or development your running technique. Being present with you and coaching your through during those times will bring your training on exponentially.


Aspects of your strengthening program including your technique and execution of exercises can be examined and developed with the benefit of a one to one training session with your coach and is available to you.  

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