Fitness & Body Composition Change

There are many aspects to health and and fitness. Body capacity, shape and composition is important in that it impacts on our ability to perform on a day to day basis and further the effect it has on our view of ourselves.


Those looking for improved fitness levels benefit from being coached online when accountability, tracking and monitoring forms part of your fitness regime. Your program will be provided once consultation has take place and your goals clearly outlined in a time frame. When you are aware of why you want to change then you are in a powerful position to positively affect change. 


If Fat loss is your goal, you will benefit from the coaching process as nutrition is one of pillars to a holistic training regime and without developing your relationship with your nutrition change is likely either short lived or not at all. The Coaching experience leaves no stone un-turned. Your training, nutrition, sleep, diet, gut health and mindset are key players in your success, all of which are considered throughout your training plan.  l

Strengthening and conditioning will form the largest part of your training program where fundamental core strength is founded and built upon over the course of your training progressively. For any training plan to take effect and time for new behaviors to be embedded into your lifestyle 12 weeks commitment is required in the first instance. 

You will receive: 

You will have a 30 min consultation with your coach each week through a video link up. 


​You will be provided with a Check In questionnaire on a weekly basis and your metrics will be uploaded on to the training platform.


There is a weekly evening clinic where your coach will be available midweek in order to answer and deal with any questions about any aspect of your training. 


You will be included in to a privately coached clients Facebook group and have access to a community of other online coached clients via social media.

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