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I contacted Tracy because I have been suffering from lower back pain for 18 months now. I had physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment, both alleviated the problem but non actually removed the pain and discomfort.

I wanted Tracy to help me strengthen my back and surrounding areas so I can manage the pain better. I hadn't been able to train for 6 months because the pain was so severe


I have used a gym for quite a few years but never had any qualified training. Since being under Tracy's instruction I'm left wondering what I've been doing all these years!

Her coaching, motivation and knowledge is exceptional. Tracy developed a plan to improve the strength all over my body which would alleviate the back pain. We started working on weight machines to gradually build my strength, the most important thing Tracy taught me was technique and where to activate the movement from. Something I had been doing wrong for a long time.

One of the main things I like about Tracy's coaching is she is always watching you while you train, if she see's you are having trouble with an exercise she will work out what muscle is the weakest, work on that specific muscle and then get back to the original exercise. There is no shouting or struggling, everything is very precise and controlled. Tracy provides weekly personal progress reports which are a great boost to your confidence and commitment. I've found them a great help.

Since I have been under Tracy's instruction I am working harder, lifting more weight, running faster and longer but most importantly I have never experienced an injury, I put this entirely down to Tracy's experience in working on the correct technique.

My body composition changed within a couple of weeks and my back pain has virtually disappeared.

Anyone who is undertaking any exercise should consult a qualified professional trainer, it will completely change your attitude towards exercise.

Tracy is an excellent personal trainer and I would recommend everyone to have at least 2 sessions with her, once you do, you, like me will wonder what you've been doing for all these years.

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