I ran my 1st half marathon back in 2017... I worked for years to build up the courage & stamina to get through that 13.1 miles... each time running and desperately trying to get a faster time than I did the previous time, kicking myself if I didn't get that faster pace.

I started training with Tracy in October 2018, after a difficult year with work & just life, I needed a good kick up the bum to get back to feeling fitter, better, more alive. I've enjoyed running not only for fitness but as a way of stress relief too. Having set some goals the half marathon was naturally a goal I set to achieve again... the goal was to beat my 1st half marathon time (2hrs 23 mins). Tracy set me up with a personalised training plan that made me progress to achieve my goal, but not only that educate me on the best way to achieve that, it wasnt all about running & getting a better time than the previous run, it was about strengthening key muscle groups that would support me to run better, stronger, without injury, it gave me a varied set of different types of runs that were no longer a chore. It mixed up the training without hours & hours of miles trying to get a better time. 
In December 2018, she suggested the Barcelona Half as a training run... out of my comfort zone, i argued with myself & thought why not?! In February 2019 I ran the Barcelona half & beat my 1st half marathon time by over 7 minutes ... I did it in 2hrs 16mins ... I was elated! In just 4 months I had gone from running 5km every now and then to getting a PB. Fast forward to yet more amazing coaching, training & educating I ran my 3rd half marathon in June 2019, Potters half again and again, the hills ... ouch, but another PB at 2 hours 12... Ecstatic is an understatement at how happy I was when I realised I had achieved that time. 
The personalised run programmes, the checking in on me to see how my training was going, the gruelling weekly PT sessions, the advice for nutrition, the picking me up when the motivation was waning, group chats with like minded people... I can honestly say that I couldn't have done it with out the expertise of UE Coaching.

Next up is a goal outside of my running which I still love, but working on my body composition, i have a long way to go to get to where i want to be, but I'm getting there, not only physically but mentally, believing that I can achieve things I never thought possible... I wouldn't have achieved what I have without Tracy & I am excited to see how i progress... watch this space x 

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