'Three months ago I’d never set foot in a gym properly. Fast forward three months and i go 5 times a week and my goals are in sight which I never thought possible. I 100% believe this is down to UE coaching. From the very first session Tracy’s drive,motivation and professionalism was noticed. 

From the second I’d decided what my goals were Tracy was with me every step of the way. Encouraging me, helping pick me up on the bad days and generally being amazing.  She truly is helping make my dreams a reality one week at a time. After around training for 6 weeks I took the step and told Tracy that my long term goal was to be a runner. This had always been a dream of mine but never in a million years thought it would be something I’d even say out loud. Fast forward a few weeks and I’m well on my way completing my half marathon training programme and I have done 2 races. This is again thanks too Tracy believing in me and making me realise anything is possible!! Tracy’s knowledge on this area is incredible and no matter what question she will answer it and support you every single step of the way. 


Never in my life have I met someone with so much passion about what they do. Tracy’s enthusiasm is completely contagious and she wants you to do well so much which pushes you to go that bit further everyday when you know you have someone rooting for you. 

Tracy is always on hand for support whether it’s nutritional support, gym or if you’re having a bad day she is always there to get you back on track and come back stronger ready to start the programme again the next day. 


Before my first PT session with Tracy I was dreading it. It just wasn’t something I was comfortable with. Fast forward and now PT is my favourite time of the week! Tracy has the ability to push you safely too your limit and make it enjoyable at the same time.

As well as PT Tracy has helped so much with the nutritional side of my life. Helping me understand what’s needed to fuel correctly and she is always on hand for any questions that may pop up. 


Overall, I cannot recommend UE coaching enough and no amount of writing would fully portray the positive impact this has had on my life. Every day I count my lucky stars that I have had this opportunity to train with UE coaching. Just simple messages saying that she is proud of the workouts this week is enough to push you even further the next time. My whole life has done a complete U turn for the better with the help of Tracy’s constant motivation and I can’t wait to carry on training with her for the foreseeable future. 

November 2018- gym 0, diet- dangerously unhealthy. 5 panic attacks a day minimum. 

February 2019- gym 5 times a week. Running 3 times a week. 0 panic attacks. So much energy Diet - 3 healthy meals a day with healthy snacks. Mood- amazing!! 

Thankyou Tracy!!!'

You can read Emily's full story and follow her progression by visiting her blog here

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