Anyone who is looking to make a long term lifestyle change and not just a quick fix weight loss should look no further than Tracy at UE Coaching.  From an in depth first consultation to regular reviews and support available when you need it Tracy certainly makes you feel like she's behind you 100% and with you every step of the way to reaching you goals.  I feel I've become part of the UE Coaching family with group WhatsApp to keep each other motivated, share in our tough patches and our achievements.  I'd hit a bit of a hurdle in January where I'd lost focus and was struggling to lose weight.  With Tracy's help I've fully gotten back on track, have reached my weight goal and have even started to enjoy running (which was a big no no in my first consultation notes).  Looking forward I plan on continuing to work with Tracy and the other members of UE Coaching towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and setting myself new challenges.  Big thanks Tracy 

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